Coaching is all about trusting the process,
knowing that change comes differently for everyone.

I want that change for you.

Through coaching we will find your best path forward.

What is ADHD Coaching?

In ADHD coaching, we listen carefully for who you truly are — to deepen self-awareness and help you acknowledge what you want– your hopes and dreams for your best self.

We use your strengths to help you improve upon what we know you already do well – and to find some extra fuel for the things you might avoid!

We also look for places where your desires aren’t in harmony with where you’re heading or what’s happening in your life right now.


My M.Ed. in Special Education – Disability Policy and over twenty years of experience means I can provide partnership to parents, caregivers, and groups. Currently, in addition to coaching, I am available to provide the following services:

helping to navigate the IEP process

visit school settings to speak with teachers

visit employment settings to speak to small or large groups about ADHD and related diagnoses