Imagine what it would it feel like to . . .

Be organized • Read the room • Communicate clearly •
Make smart choices

A traditional tutor or therapist is not always the answer.

You may need a coach!

Coaching is a partnership — there is nothing necessary to start, except a willingness to want to know a little more (about yourself, a problem you may be encountering, a certain education or career path, etc.).


I specialize in working with young adults who have ADHD, LD, Autism, or other unique social challenges.

ADHD coaching layers in an understanding of the ADHD “lens” — which sometimes colors circumstances in a way that can make it even more difficult to see the path forward (examples include, “I can’t see myself doing something,” “I can’t get started,” “I have been told I cannot for so long,” etc.)

Hello! I’m Sara Prince, M.Ed.

I use research-based best practices; I’m trained in positive behavior support, person-centered planning, and person-first language — and I am a certified ADHD coach, in order to best support my wonderful clients.

You set the agenda for our coaching conversations, which move towards outcomes which are meaningful to you.

My Specialties are Academic & ADHD Coaching 
and Executive Function Support

Study Skills
(“Why Don’t I get Work Done?”)
  • Develop strategies and routines to strengthen organization and planning for home and school (note-taking, reading comprehension, test-preparation, and test-taking skills)
Social Skills
(“Why Did I just Say That?”)
  • Learn to “read the room” and understand what others expect in social interactions — at home, school, work, or with friends
  • Find the strength to make you a more successful communicator in person and online
Self-advocacy Skills
(“Why Won’t I Email?”)
  • Become a more confident student, employee, or public speaker
  • Understand your needs for success in your school, employment, and home setting 
Behavior Strategies
(“What Did I Do Wrong?”)
  • Learn how to stop and “take a pause”
  • Make smart choices in unexpected moments

Coaching packages

What if you started today?


“Sara is so easy to talk to. Her warmth is genuine and generous; I feel respected and appreciated by her, even when I am feeling down on myself. Somehow I walk away from our sessions with new insights and resolve even when it’s something I’ve been working on for ages. She’s a gem.”


“Sara Prince is not only a remarkable person but an incredible coach. Her listening skills are amazing and her suggestions are spot on and so very helpful. She has calmed my struggles that she has helped me identify and given me a great deal of support in the process. I am grateful for her help and expertise.”


“Sara is authentic, warm, curious and to top it off, she has the most welcoming sense of humor that brings lightness and brightness to even the most challenging coaching sessions. She has a well developed intuition coupled with years of experience noticing and reading non-verbal cues.  These skills (among numerous others)  truly set her apart from other coaches.  After a session with Sara, I feel like I have been deeply heard, genuinely appreciated, and I always leave with a renewed enthusiasm to go off and be productive.”


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