Source:, April 14, 2022
Reporter: Joanna Moorhead

Be honest: Have you ever dreamed of inventing a time-travel machine explicitly to go back and undo particularly cringe-worthy or heart-breaking events of your past? You’d never forget your brother’s beloved Pokémon cards at sleepaway camp, spill marinara on your prom dress, or impulsively spread a rumor about your childhood BFF.

Memories are, sometimes, a cruel reminder that our ADHD brains work differently. Intellectually, we know that our misguided words, actions, or reactions weren’t due to a character flaw but brain chemistry. But, at the time, it sure felt a lot like failure, which perhaps contributed to a lifetime supply of shame.

If you could go back in time and deliver one message to your 10-year-old self (about ADHD or life in general), what would it be? We posed the question to ADDitude readers, whose responses ranged from laugh-out-loud funny to practical and empowering.

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